Reach your digital goals with our custom-designed service packages which are tailored to your businesses’ needs, including the right person and tools for the job.

Social Media Management

Setup and integration of 4 social media channels, typically Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and another channel of your choosing. Also includes creating a social calendar, search and selection of “client desired” tool for scheduling and posting, auto-posting of all blog articles, and instruction with client on social media monitoring and engagement strategies, and monthly review of progress.

Social Media Marketing and Paid Ad Campaigns

Manage and monitor 1 social media paid ad campaign (marketing and remarketing). Manage and monitor 1 Google Ads (marketing and remarketing) campaign. Includes monthly or quarterly review of progress

Email Marketing Campaigns

Draft and edit copy for 1 marketing email monthly. Includes monitoring of email effectiveness, list segmentation, optimization (visual and copy), and monthly review of progress. We mainly use HubSpot‘s CRM and email campaign tools. Other options include MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Content Marketing

We work together to create the digital content that you will use in your marketing and communications materials. Includes instruction on best techniques in production of your digital media, search and instruction on a graphic design tool of your choosing, ie: Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud, and branding elements.

Websites, Blogs and On-Page SEO

Editing blog copy to include targeted keywords. Includes setup of no-coding website or blog, via a CMS like WordPress or Wix, instruction of best-practices for in-house and guest blogging programs, and keyword research and selection.

Keyword Research

In order for your on-page search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) ads to be most effective, we will find and include the best-fit keywords for your business and its audience. Packages include initial, monthly, and quarterly reviews of keywords and periodic keyword optimization.

Advisor, Consultant, or Freelancer

I am available to work with you in the best way that you feel I can serve your needs, either solo of in a team.

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