William Brown

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The Incorruptibles

Dayton, Ohio | 2020

While in my role as the Head of Social Media and Development, I worked on the organization’s marketing and communications initiatives, which included social media management, social media ad campaigns, email marketing, content development for social and web, and graphic design (such as the graphic to the left).

Read the blog post I wrote on the 5 Things to Consider When Addressing Police Abuse of Power in America.

Senior Voices

91.3 WYSO Public Radio

Yellow Springs, Ohio | 2018

As a Community Voices Producer, I produced two radio spots for broadcast on WYSO for their Senior Voices program. There were a total of 47 oral history pieces produced by 11 editors for broadcast and the Dayton Metro Library digital archive.

Listen to my piece – Marilyn Nagle.
Listen to my piece – Dan Nagle

Levinson Brothers, LLC

Dayton, Ohio | 2016

As the Communications/ Production Coordinator (Intern), I researched and devised the communication strategy – which included social media marketing, social media strategy, media production, content development, content marketing, and the initial round of media relations outreach to local news organizations – for the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

The goal for the Kickstarter campaign was $17,500. We raised $19,031 from 289 backers so the firm, Levinson Brothers, could begin producing their feature comedy film. Check out the videos we posted on Facebook for the campaign.

Sound Guy Ben Devine, Producer Kathleen Hartshorn and Coordinator Will Brown are just three of the amazing locals helping to make this movie happen!
– Kickstarter Campaign video.

Levinson Brothers, LLC

Dayton, Ohio | 2016

While working as the Communications/ Production Coordinator (Intern) for the Levinson Brothers, I participated in various productions for the firm’s internal projects and eternal clients, which included 3M, Premier Health, Antioch College, and Tungsten Network.

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